We believe how you work is just as important as the work you’re doing.

And the ways you choose to work makes all the difference.

Ways of working is how a team collaborates. It should lead to connection, belonging, trust, speed, and momentum, all outcomes of successful team engagement. Software and tools can only get you so far—assessing and improving team practices is how you build resilience, especially in times of change.

At Atlassian, we pioneer and test-run innovative practices to help teams of all sizes thrive, be more effective, foster connection, and ultimately, create healthier ways of working, both “at” work, and outside of it.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and Stewart Butterfield headshot
Mike Cannon-Brookes and Stewart Butterfield headshot

Navigating the disruption of work: A conversation with Mike Cannon-Brookes and Stewart Butterfield

Developing our approach

Our approach helps teams get aligned, stay connected, and do their best work through Atlassian's innovative teamwork philosophies and real-life tools.

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Science helps shape how we build for the future.

We study our own teams, conduct proprietary and review third-party research, and take into account insights we’ve gathered from collaboration tools.

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Innovation is a team sport.

Every Atlassian is empowered to shape and evolve our ways of working, so we can best represent diverse working styles.

Shared values and culture are shaped by Atlassians →

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We are practitioners of Open work.

This means we share what we learn so that others can improve their ways of working. At the same time, we learn from our customers and partners to build upon our shared knowledge.

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