We believe all teams can do amazing things when they work Open.

Atlassian’s products help thousands of teams navigate the complexities of modern work. But it takes more than great tools to reach a team’s full potential. It takes Open.

Natalie’s story

Strong teams share more than goals.

When entrepreneur Natalie Egan came out as transgender, she faced bias and discrimination. Being open about her struggles with her team brought them closer together, and closer to their mission of spreading empathy.

Carlyn & Jon’s story

Different perspectives are valuable because they’re different.

Caryln Dougherty, a computer science student at Columbia, teamed up with former U.S. Army ranger, Jon Ellsworth, and enlisted the help of 150 military personnel to develop technology that saves lives.

Sean’s story

Divergent thinking sparks creativity.

It takes a village to raise a child. As Sean Ahlquist learned, it took a team to create a new technology that could potentially change the lives of the 1.5 million children with autism in the United States.